Research team


  • 2020-- Julian Roth (LUH Germany), Master
  • 2020-- Maryam Parvizi (LUH Germany)
  • 2019-- Denis Khimin (LUH Germany): Phase-field / optimization (Master/now PhD joined with Marc Steinbach)
  • 2019-- Sebastian Kinnewig (LUH Germany, PhoenixD): Maxwell (PhD)
  • 2018-- Amirezza Khodadadian (LUH Germany, Postdoc)
  • 2018-- Katrin Mang (LUH Germany): Phase-field fracture (PhD)
  • 2018-- Jan Philipp Thiele (LUH Germany): Navier-Stokes equations (PhD)
  • 2017-- Daniel Jodlbauer (JKU Linz/Austria): Phase-field fracture (PhD; Advisors: Langer/Wick)

♦People (former):

  • 2017-2021 Bernard Endtmayer (JKU Linz/Austria): Goal-oriented mesh adaptivity for multiple goal functionals (PhD studies, Advisors: Langer/Wick)
  • 2018-2020 Nima Noii (LUH Germany): Adaptive global-local phase-field fracture
  • 2018 - 2019 Meng Fan (CSC scholarship, one year): Phase-field fracture (PhD studies)
  • 2017-2018 Lukas Messer (TU Munich/Germany): Goal-oriented error estimation for Stokes and stationary Navier-Stokes (Master thesis, Advisors: Vexler/Wick)
  • 2017-- Monika Senftl (TU Munich/Germany): Phase-field fracture (Master thesis, Advisors: Vexler/Wick)
  • 2017 Pratik Rai (Ecole Polytechnique/France): Fluid-structure interaction (Master thesis, Advisors: Allaire/Wick)
  • 2015-2016 Nicola Fontana (TU Munich/Germany): Fluid-structure interaction with non-Newtonian fluid flows (Master thesis in physics, Advisors: Zacharias/Wick)
  • 2016 Manuel Grauer (TU Munich/Germany): Directional do-nothing condition in fluid-structure interaction (Master thesis, Advisors: Vexler/Wick)
  • 2014 Prashant Mital (Texas/USA): The Enriched Galerkin Method for Linear Elasticity and Phase Field Fracture Propagation (Master thesis, Advisors: Wheeler/Wick)
  • 2013 Philipp Siehr (Heidelberg/Germany): Residuen-basierte Stabilisierung der Stokesgleichungen (Bachelor thesis, Advisors: Richter/Wick)
  • 2011 Simon Dörsam (Heidelberg/Germany): dG(1) Methoden für steife Anfangswertprobleme (Bachelor thesis, Advisors: Richter/Wick)

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